Monday, January 26, 2009

I'd love to have an entertaining report, but. . .

So I was all jazzed to give an entertaining update about the great global-warming debate on the cleanmpg forum, but sadly, the moderators took down the best post ever. In short, my interlocutor compared environmentalists to both Nazis and Stalinists. You can get the flavor in some of the posts here and on the next page, where some of us quoted him. Also, here's his bastardization of Martin Niemöller:

"They asked for the gas guzzling SUV's, but I didn't speak up because I didn't drive a gas guzzling SUV.
They asked for the plastic bags, but I didn't speak up because I didn't use plastic bags.
Then they asked for me, and nobody spoke up because there was nobody else left."

I have to admit, I'm more than a little disappointed that they took down his post. Not only was it bizarrely entertaining, he has every right to say what he believes. Comment moderation is important in forums, but he didn't insult anyone there, as far as I can tell. (Other than the Nazi/Communist comparison, which was so far-fetched I didn't take it seriously as an insult.)

My favorite part: he claimed "The 'green left' is the old 'red left' revised." Not only is that a howler, it turns out it's from George Will. I think someone's bowtie is too tight.

Update: Via Coby Beck's site in a roundabout way, here's a great challenge to global warming deniers.

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