Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If Germany can do it

Re: Eating less meat in Cincinnati

Looks like we're not alone. If Germany can realize the environmental and economic dangers of heavy meat-based diets, maybe the Germanic city of Cincinnati can, too.


omivourus maximus said...

That is right !! Lets eat our way out of climate change, bad economy and the turmoils in the middle east. Maybe if we started eating each other, we cold solve all the problems. Egad !!! History truly does repeat, these are the same arguments that have been presented numerous times. Lets get something new going on people.

Charlie Green said...

OM, that's truly stupid on several levels. No one's claiming that eating less meat will solve climate change, the economy, or problems in the Middle East. But lifestyle choices impact the world. Meat production creates waste; Americans eat meat excessively. You could look up the science on this.

Thanks for trolling.

omnivourus maximus said...

What does not create waste ? "americans eat meat excessively" is that your opinion or is there some international standard for measurement of this. What science is it that I would seek on this topic ? Dont forget trees produce waste too. Would you like them to stop producing excessive waste ?

Charlie Green said...


1) For information on how meat production causes pollution (the word I should have used instead of waste), go to the following two places to start:



2) For information on excess meat eating and health, go to the following:




3) For the basics on global warming, go to


And as a general note, if you're going to comment on my posts, please try to do a minimal amount of proofreading.